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Key Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

By September 9, 2015May 21st, 2019No Comments

There are a wide variety of different options for your next garage door, and the one you choose depends on several things—your budget, the look you desire, and your need for security and long-term use. Steel has quickly become the preferred material for garage doors on homes because it offers several different benefits.


The garage door likely takes a lot of abuse throughout the year. It’s raised and lowered at least once or twice a day, which can add up to more than 1,000 uses in a year. If you have multiple people leaving the house and coming home at different times, that number could be much higher. Steel garage doors tend to be very durable, which makes them a great choice for anyone who wants a garage door that will last without incurring damage.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of a steel garage door is the maintenance—or the lack thereof. Steel is one of the most lightweight materials used in construction, and it has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios so it rarely needs maintenance or repair. It can also be painted in any color and the paint will hold fast for years to come so you won’t see chipping and cracking on the surface. Other than the occasional need to clean it off if it becomes dirty, your garage door will keep working day after day and year after year without any problems.

Design and Style

Another reason so many homeowners today choose steel garage doors is the ability to get them in a variety of colors and different styles. You might want to go with the traditional appearance that combines squares and small windows at the top, or you might want something that mimics the design of the popular “barn” garage door without the hassle of actually having it made of wood. Steel garages can also be purchased in a variety of colors so you get the one that perfectly matches your home’s style and décor.

Since steel garage doors can come in different thicknesses and with different insulation capabilities, it’s best to talk to a garage door contractor about what you want to get out of your garage before you buy. They can help you narrow down the best choices for your budget and your needs. Call A-1 Garage Door Repair today to find out more.