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4 Signs You Might Need Garage Door Repair

By June 4, 2015May 21st, 2019No Comments

The garage door on your home is something that you probably use multiple times each day, but pay very little attention to when you do—that is, unless it’s not working properly. The wrong time to think about checking your garage door for proper functionality is when you’re stuck inside or outside and it won’t open. Just like any other major appliance in your home, the garage door should be inspected regularly to make sure it’s working like it should, and repaired if you find something wrong. Here are four signs you might need garage door repairs in Utah soon.

1: Not Opening or Slow to Respond

This is probably pretty obvious, but if your garage door will not open or close, it’s time to call for Salt Lake garage repair. There are a lot of different reasons that might be contributing to the inability for your garage to open and close, including poor connections between the controls and the door, malfunction in the garage door tracks, or something that is blocking the door. You might also need repairs if your garage door takes more than one or two seconds to respond when you press the open/close button.

2: Excessive Opening & Closing Noise

Most garage doors make some noise when they open and close, but older doors often start to creak more and more with regular use. All that straining and creaking can become problematic for your springs, the opener, or even the garage door itself. Have a Utah garage repair company come and check your door if you notice the noises are extremely loud, or getting worse over time.

3: Sagging or Damage

All garage doors, whether automatic or manual, run on a track, and in order to function properly they need to remain on that track. If you notice that the garage has come off the track, chances are it’s because the door is damaged and requires repair. You may also notice that there are some sections of the door that are sagging and out of balance. A perfectly balanced garage door should be able to sit halfway up without rising or falling. Problems with balance might be due to issues with tension springs or other areas of the door and are best left to a professional Salt Lake garage repair company.

4: Frayed or Damaged Cables

The cable system on your garage door ensures that the door raises and lowers safely each time; if they become frayed or otherwise damaged, the door might break and could injure someone or cause damage to your vehicle or other property. If you notice any cables that look worn down, don’t hesitate to call a Utah garage repair company right away.

A properly working garage door is something you can use confidently each day knowing that it will be safe. Call a specialist today if you think your garage is in disrepair and needs some work.